This website is created to record and share my stock analysis results. I focus on picking stocks that grow fast for coming years, reasonably valued, have a strong moat (i.e., durable competitive advantage), good financial health, and great management. I also enjoy analyzing stock charts to gauge qualitatively a stock’s position of market phases, trend, relative strength, readiness to move, reward/risk ratio, and change of behaviours. The fundamental analysis method is adopted from Peter Lynch’s method while the techncal analysis is from Richard Wyckoff’s method. I also read Jesse Livermore‚Äôs Methods of Trading in Stocks once in a while and find it very enlightening every time.

I have created a living template to compile data and information about stocks that I would refer to when in doubt or new data or information become available so that the stock analyses need updates. I will post these analysis results on this website so that we can all find them easily anytime, anywhere.

I choose to invest in high growth stocks for the long-term as I believe revenue growth drives stock price appreciation in the long run. I focus on “10 bagger” stocks as those are usually high quality stocks that give us plenty of time to buy on dips and compound long and hard. I try to be agile and change my position when my assumptions are no longer valid. I hope we all learn and grow and become more efficient and effective in this greatest game in the world.

Last update on Nov. 14, 2021.